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About Us

Lariche Community is a company that focuses on community sustainability for both the corporate world and the non-profit world. The company’s founder, Brian Lariche, has a long history in developing communities both locally and internationally with his prior10463946_805778599447023_5799774465108365457_n company and as a consultant to International bodies. This includes pioneering work starting in the late 90’s when CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) was still in its infancy in Malaysia.

Lariche Community also consults on Corporate Community Investment with long term benefits for the company and the community. The programs are more than mere PR exercises and reflect a systematic investment in the community with the company acting as a socially responsible entity.

Lariche Community has developed an extensive and varied network of Community Based Organisations (CBO) throughout Malaysia and the region. These include orphanages, homes for the elderly, and organisations for the mentally and physically challenged. Lariche Community also has extensive links with Environmental, Relief, Wildlife, Indigenous, Health and Faith-based NGOs.

Besides working with local and International NGOs, Lariche Community works with government bodies including the various Ministries, Departments and schools. Lariche Community is also known for deep insight into the confusing methods of registering NGOs in Malaysia and the issues connected with each form of registration.10444559_779317732093110_8610144928232372728_n

Lariche Community also runs CSR and Community Development courses that are up to date with latest trends and laws. These comprehensive courses are run both as external classes in partnership with training institutions and also as in-house classes. The courses help give a greater insight and understanding into the management of CSR programs, reporting issues and community development.

Since late 2015, Brian Lariche is the Head of Community Development in the Make it Right Movement, Powered by Brickfields Asia College, dealing with all of BAC’s NGO partners. Lariche Community selects the most appropriate NGOs to cooperate with and provides consulting services, which helps them strengthen their capacity.

Although only established in 2009, Lariche Community already counts Fortune 500 companies, Malaysian Multinationals, International NGOs, local NGOs, foreign government bodies and Universities amongst her clientele. The industries consulted for include the IT Industry, Oil and Gas, Financial Services, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Telcos and more.