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How We Work

The primary aim of our services is to raise the overall standards of engagement in the community for more meaningful and sustainable programs.  Our ability to bridge the different sectors enables us to facilitate the development of innovative collaborations.

Lariche Community promotes Corporate Community Investment rather than just Corporate Community Involvement. Our programs are more than mere PR exercises and generate long-term benefits for the companies as well as the community.

Our strength lies in designing processes which yield clear, measurable and sustainable results. This involves identifying community partners whose missions are aligned with your corporate strategy for co-branding and for results which positively affect the bottom line.

For NGOs, we specialise in the development of donor & funder partnerships.  This includes setting high standards of NGO accountability and transparency to attract partners for long-term support.  We help NGOs to brand themselves to raise their profiles to attract meaningful, long-term corporate partners.

Lariche Community does not do fundraising. Our approach is more strategic and targeted. By making non-profit organisations more relevant and viable and by increasing organizational capacity, we make it easier for these organisations to attract funds and to form sustainable partnerships with donors and funders. We do not believe in taking funds meant for charitable purposes but instead focus on capacity building to obtain funds.