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Daniel Quilter

Lariche Community Associate, focusing on community and conservation development.


Daniel is the founder of Ecoteer Malaysia Sdn Bhd and Fuze Ecoteer Outdoor Adventures. Daniel started Ecoteer in 2005 after his round the world trip led him to Bornean Malaysia.

Whilst in Borneo, Daniel worked with Albert Teo, who is the leading expert in Ecotourism in SE Asia and has hosted many World Ecotourism Conferences. Under Albert, Daniel was the secretary for the 1st Borneo Ecotourism Conference in 2005 and worked at Sukau Rainforest Lodge (SRL) conducting EIA reports for SRL and teaching English to the staff. Daniel also worked for Sabah Parks as a marine researcher at Semporna for 14 months conducting Reef and turtle research on Sipadan Island.

In 2008, Daniel opened his first own turtle project in the Perhentian Islands in collaboration with the Department of Fisheries and Bubbles Dive Resort. Ecoteer, under the guidance of Daniel, worked with financial support from the Star Foundation for 2 years to develop the Perhentian project into a community and conservation project. Numerous organisations have seen the benefit of the Perhentian voluntourism projects and are now working in partnership with Daniel including:
 Ministry of Tourism
 Department of Marine Parks, Malaysia
 Department of Forestry, Peninsular Malaysia
 Borneo Child Aid Society
 Kaginic Corporation Bhd
 Eduspec Bhd
 WRC Jogja, Java
 Universiti Sains Malaysia

Daniel prides himself as an Environmental Educator and has organised and led school groups for World Challenge since 2008 in Malaysia and Indonesia. Daniel’s approach to field trips is that the students should give something back to the community or wildlife that they visit and learn about. If students see something they will only take in 20-30% of the info but if they support and feel a community/conservation effort the impact will be significantly greater.

Ecoteer’s next social innovation will be the plastic brick press. Working with an indigenous tribe in Merapoh the machine will compress plastic wastes that cannot otherwise be recycled. The aim of the programme is to train the Batek villagers how to build the wooden machines, use them and then Ecoteer to promote them throughout Malaysia reducing waste and also providing an additional income to the Batek community. Though Daniel and Ecoteer are still young, they have learnt a lot of lessons in working with people and conservation. Their tagline ‘Conservation through education’ holds true – Nature will look after itself, if you want to conserve nature you must look at managing and involving humans.

His work Portfolio includes:
 Secretary for the Borneo Ecotourism Conference 2005
 Established and manage his own companies – Ecoteer M Sdn Bhd from 2005 and Fuze Ecoteer Outdoor Adventures from 2013
 Started and managed 5 conservation and community projects in Malaysia and Indonesia
 Establishing the first sea turtle facial ID project in ASEAN
 Led conservation and community programmes in Malaysia on behalf of National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth UK, Star Foundation and Kencana Bhd
 Manage 10 expeditions for World Challenge from 2008 til 2015
 Managed field trips for International School Kuala Lumpur since 2009, Alice Smith International School since 2011, Gardens International School since 2013, Hong Kong Poly Technic, Shanghai Academy, Durham University UK, Plymouth University, UK and The German School of Kuala Lumpur
 Developed, organised and led three simultaneous school groups for 270 students from Uplands International School. Uplands IS worked with Daniel to develop a continuing development for their students with year 7 focused on bonding, year 8 bonding and service and year 9 full service

Core Competences:
 Management of conservation and community projects with an impact
 Leading service and bonding expeditions for groups aged from 10 years old.
 CSR programmes from development, execution, financial management to reporting