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General services

Lariche Community offers a wide range of services that serve the corporate, academic, NGO and INGO sectors. The primary focus of the service is to raise the overall standards of engaging in community programs with more measureable and sustainable programs. Have a look at the list below or visit the seperate pages for each of the most common services for more detailed information:1381482_661583567199861_989375467_n (1)

Capacity Building Facilitation – for both corporate and NGO sector, with additional program built specifically for NGOs and including project and volunteer management, facilitating engagement with corporate sector and others.

Corporate Community Investment – for corporate sector, program with the specific focus on long-term, sustainable partnerships.

Media Relations – for NGO, includes trainings about NGO branding, website and graphic materials development and many others.

NGO Strategic Consultations – for NGO, focuses on increasing efficiency and capacity of any NGO regardless of area of expertise and workshops on strategic planning of NGO’s goals.

Project Management – for both NGO and corporate sector, we offer full support in implementing CSR programs as well as monitoring and evaluation services associated with it.

Social Research – for any sector, includes research on communities and their backgrounds, e.g. research on social issues or community sustainability studies.417128_349658855059002_2010774490_n

The services offered are further explained in their individual areas but are not restricted to these, for those not mentioned above we will work with our extensive local and foreign networks to source suitable associates to assist you in finding the best solutions for any problems your company/organization might be facing.  That is why it is always better to get in touch with us and we will do our best to find the best solution for you. Contact details can be found here.

Lariche Community only charges for services where her professional input is required and the charges are for professional services rendered. We also do not support fundraising as we do not believe in taking funds meant for charitable purposes.