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Services for companies


1. Capacity Building Facilitation

The Lariche Community facilitates capacity-building for staff. The soft skill training is usually linked to community programs to incorporate an added dimension not seen in most soft skills training – training with a heart.


2. Corporate Community Investment 

Lariche Community promotes Corporate Community Investment rather than just Corporate Community Involvement. This is to encourage the corporate sector to be more socially responsible and look at collaborations that are more long-term, measurable and sustainable.

To this end, LC facilitates the development of a company strategy that is in line with its overall strategy and which is viable and sustainable. LC looks at both creating new programs and revamping present programs. LC also provides a variety of other services which include the following:

  • Community outreach programs
  • Corporate volunteer programs
  • Creating community links
  • Community program search
  • Community Due Diligence


3. Project Management 

Lariche Community specialises in running Corporate Community Programs for corporate bodies from the planning stage to the implementation of the programs. LC is the project manager for the programs and ensures delivery within the agreed parameters. This can be done entirely by LC or in cooperation with the corporate client and/or community involved.

To this end, the Lariche Community also offers monitoring and evaluation services for programs carried out by community and corporate partners.

4. Social Research 

Lariche Community in collaboration with its associates offers a series of social research services. These consist of all research that is linked to communities and their backgrounds including the following:

  • Research on social issues
  • Mapping of current social scenarios
  • Community impact studies
  • Community sustainability studies
  • Social Impact Assessments – SIA


The services offered are further explained in their individual areas but are not restricted to these, for those not mentioned above we will work with our extensive local and foreign networks to source suitable associates to assist you in finding the best solutions for any problems your company/organization might be facing.  That is why it is always better to get in touch with us and we will do our best to find the best solution for you. Contact details can be found here.