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Services for NGO

1. Capacity Building Facilitation 

The Lariche Community facilitates capacity-building for staff both in the corporate and NGO sector. The soft skill training is usually linked to community programs to incorporate an added dimension not seen in most soft skills training – training with a heart.

Additionally, the Lariche Community offers capacity-building specifically designed for NGOs which includes the following:

  • Project management for NGOs/CBOs – This is a tailor made training that are specific to the projects run within the organisations.
  • Managing volunteers – A long under-utilised asset, LC offers the capacity to manage this invaluable human resource better. Again this workshop is designed specifically for the NGO and the landscape it works in.
  • Community conversations – Training in working with a method of community engagement that is respectful of the community and helps build capacity from within the community.
  • Engaging with the corporate sector – Training in redesigning programs within the NGO make it more open to collaboration with the corporate sector.
  • Knowledge management – How to effectively manage the knowledge and resources that exist within an NGO and ensure that the information is available for the next generation and for the development of research and funding proposals.


2. Media Relations 

Lariche Community realises the rising importance of the media and the power it has in helping make an NGO successful. To this end, LC offers training in engaging with the media. This includes the more traditional media and also the use of the web and electronic media. LC offers the following with regards to media relations;

  • Overall NGO branding
  • Website design
  • Developing spokespersons
  • Development of brochures and other peripherals
  • Writing cause related books/booklets


3. NGO Strategic Consultations 

Lariche Community offers a unique service in the form of conducting NGO turnaround whereby LC works on increasing the efficiency and capacity of any NGO requiring such assistance. This restructuring, which is a normal practice in corporate bodies, is essential in the development of professional NGOs.

LC first conducts an analysis of the present situation of the NGO and presents the findings. A team from LC then works on the restructuring within the NGO, setting-up systems and processes that are quick and efficient. This guided change management process works from within to ensure a smooth process and less staff resistance. This process will also include developing a volunteer management system for the organisation if necessary.

LC also conducts strategic planning workshops for NGOs with a clear focus on the vision and mission of the organisation and its long term goals. Depending on the type of consultation, LC associates will be seconded to the NGO for an agreed period of time to facilitate the transition.


4. Project Management 

When an NGO lacks the facilities to carry out a project internally, LC can step in to offer the needed capacity. This includes everything from preparing the proposal, to approaching the funders, and developing and implementing the program. Most importantly, the program’s impact is evaluated and monitored for funders and for future reference.

To this end, the Lariche Community also offers monitoring and evaluation services for programs carried out by community and corporate partners.


5. Social Research 

The Lariche Community in collaboration with its associates offers a series of social research services. These consist of all research that is linked to communities and their backgrounds including the following:

  • Research on social issues
  • Mapping of current social scenarios
  • Community impact studies
  • Community sustainability studies
  • Social Impact Assessments – SIA


The services offered are further explained in their individual areas but are not restricted to these, for those not mentioned above we will work with our extensive local and foreign networks to source suitable associates to assist you in finding the best solutions for any problems your company/organization might be facing.  That is why it is always better to get in touch with us and we will do our best to find the best solution for you. Contact details can be found here.

Lariche Community only charges for services where her professional input is required and the charges are for professional services rendered. We also do not support fundraising as we do not believe in taking funds meant for charitable purposes.